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’s Ambassador to China, H.E.A. Carsten

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Damsgaard served as host to greet 1,200 local Chinese families at the Danish compound.The CCTV.com Panview team had witnessed a vibrant atmosphe▓re where a corporat

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e sponsor - Lego - opened up a ▓playground for children.The theme of the 2nd annua▓l event in Beijing is, "Planet Crew" that encourages children to care for the eco-s

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ystem and to inspir▓e a love for renewable energies.Not marketing, but charityThe Danish Embassy children's party appeared to be a brilliant marketing strategy for

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Lego, but the company's head of China opera▓tions, Stephen Burke, explained the charity team is separate from the corporate marketing side."20 percent of all of our

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annual profits g▓o to

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our charitable arm, Lego Foundation, to work with children," Burke told

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CCTV.com Panview in an exclusive inter▓view. "In Shanghai where my office

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is, I look for c▓hildren who don't know about Lego, so I can help kid▓s

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facing challenges."He added, "But our LET is not connected to the corpo

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rate marketing. They (LET) focus on volunteering. They do not go to ev

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ents giving sales pitches telling parents to buy Lego."Bu▓rke endorses "L

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ego Values," which instills a "▓strong ethical mindset in the business fo

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r caring."Playing plus learning as keyThe Danish governm▓ent and Copenh

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agen-based Lego are both firm beli

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evers in STEM, educating children in science, technolo

gy,  engineering, and mathematics▓, especially for young girls.Lego had invited the company's Chinese Robot Master - York - to teach child▓ren aged 7-10, to attend a hands-on session on de▓veloping robots and coding. The ‘We Do’ sessions allow children to use Tablets i▓n the learning process.In other parts of the site, children were requested to play with Legos ▓to build their very own renewables power plants, such as wind farms."We are connecting kids to the environment," said an LET organizer. "He▓re is where kids are thinking, dreamin▓g, iterating and prototyping while engaging in creative collaboration.&ldqu▓o;Children can receive special certif▓icates by building Lego windmills or other green-▓friendly designs that support eco-technology.T▓he Lego corporate team is key to emphasize that children can learn for fun as well.Danish love for crafstmanshipAdditionally, Denmark has earned world-wide recognition as a "design-driven nation," ac

  • Photoshop 90%
  • HTML 75%
  • WordPress 68%
  • Marketing 95%


cording to Casper Fr▓eddi

e, Denmark's head of trade in China at the ▓Consulate General’s office in Shanghai."Lego is a fantastic example of what Denmark can offer China," Freddie told CCTV.com Panview. "The toy company is educ▓ating children in a creative way and inspiring the Chinese on design."He added, "The Dutch focus on cra▓ftsmanship and aesthetics. For examp▓le, a chair is not just a chair, it needs to be beautiful and functional a▓t the same time."Danish companies have enjoyed better-than-expected business results in China. ▓Denmark is one of the few countries that can boast of havin▓g a trade surplus, not deficit, with Chin▓a.Denmark's sectors that have witnessed remarkab▓le growth in China are the pharmaceuticals, green energy technologies and consumer brands.

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  • nview commentator and editorOver the weekend, the Danish Emb

Freddie hopes C▓hina's young generation will work hard a▓nd pursue craftsmanship for the greater good.Building bridges and moreThe D

anish Embassy had jumpe▓d to a head-start on celebrating Children's Day▓ more than a week early. Companies from Denmark have taken the i

nitiative to go global and h▓ave embarked on bigger expansion in China.Companies,▓ such as Lego, are playing a pivotal role to help China'

s younger generation engage in learning by ▓using creativity and to pursue a true love for craftsmanship.The Lego Local Engagement Team is show

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